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Breakthrough Goals! Ebook


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Breakthrough Goals! is a complete system for planning and achieving all of your goals, big and small.

This unique guide covers every base, from getting clear on what you want (even if you’re not sure what that is), to setting goals the right way, to pushing through all resistance and achieving those goals.

In Breakthrough Goals! you’ll also discover:

  • The eight essential life domains and why you need goals in each of them.
  • The wrong and, more importantly, right way to set habit goals.
  • A unique and powerful 5-Step goal planning system designed to maximize success.
  • 21 advanced tools, tips, and techniques for putting your plan into action, overcoming every obstacle, maintaining motivation, and succeeding at your goals . . . no matter what.

Breakthrough Goals! is about getting clear with yourself and what you want out of life. It’s about taking full responsibility and taking action. It’s also about being flexible, adapting, and being kind to yourself along the way. Most of all, it’s creating the breakthrough life you deserve.


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